Monday, October 5, 2009

Goodbye, Safari... and good riddance!

I have been a diehard Mac person for the past 5+ years--ever since I got my first iBook in Bear's lab. I loved that the operating system didn't crash once a day. That the web browser Safari was functional and fast and didn't lock up.

Well, so much for that last bit. The newest version of Safari is giving me flashbacks to the old Internet Explorer. Ever since I updated it a few months ago (to the version that has tabs and the iTunes-esque view of favorite sites), the damn thing locks up at least once a day, and I have to force quit.

I finally got fed up with it and decided to switch to Firefox (which has had tabs for much longer than Safari). I had used it off and on, mostly if some site wasn't working on Safari. The newest version is sleeker and sexier than previous ones. And I like it. I've got the persona. I've got the tabs. And I've got some great add-ons.

Including, which runs a feed from, which I am loving. Fee-free, commercial-free, personalized web radio. What a concept. Ever since I stopped driving to work about 3 years ago, I basically stopped listening to standard FM radio. I typically only listen to iTunes stations for a short time because (a) crappy quality, (b) buffering, (c) talk/commercials, and/or (d) music selection. So I am very much enjoying listening to high quality radio and discovering some artists that I've never heard before. Looks like its time to update my iTunes collection!

Now I just have to figure out how to move all my bookmarks from Safari to Firefox...


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

Amen! I'm making the switch. Safari has crashed twice within the past hour and half. I'm so tired of that!

Captain Skellett said...

I'm on PC's at work and Mac at home but never got into Safari, now even Internet Explorer pisses me off. Firefox all the way baby.

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