Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Word of what?!

I've been working on revisions for one of my manuscripts from Bear's lab. I realized today that I did not have the final draft that was originally submitted--you know, the one I should be revising. Not disastrous because most of the revisions are supplementary figures (controls, negative data, etc.). Anyway I wrote Bear asking him to send the submitted manuscript as a Word document, so I can get on with my stuff.

As I was reading his response, my brain saw, "Here is the Word of life". I paused. Bear has been known to joke, mock, and use some rather colorful phrases.

Then I realized that my brain had misinterpreted. The email actually read, "Here is the Word file", which makes so much more sense.

The question remaining: Was the misinterpretation a product of the current splitting headache? The feeling of exhaustion? Or my desperate desire to get this manuscript out of my life for good?

Sometimes there are no easy answers to life's questions.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Our brains work in funny ways don't they? Luckily you just read it to yourself, I often find myself giving people puzzled looks because what I thought they just said and what they actually said are two very different things.