Friday, July 31, 2009

Back at it

This has been a really great but unusual week (which I will write more about later).

I've been out of the lab half the week, and yet somehow my desk managed to descend into utter chaos... Stupid entropy!

I've also been getting in late half the week and heading out early (or not getting up early and having to rush out), so I haven't had time to complete a blog post that was comprehensible. I started one, but it became a terminal off-pathway product that had to be degraded.

My to-do list for today and the weekend:
  • finish experiment without more samples committing suicide
  • make sure minion's stuff is organized in such a way that I can find it later (as he will be leaving in a week)
  • complete arts-and-crafts portion of notebook keeping
  • work to overcome entropy of the desk
  • write paragraph for training grant
  • figure out what the hell needs to get done and set deadlines
  • decide which experiments are most urgent to complete prior to shutting down cell culture for the lab move
  • organize my downloads folder
  • backup data from computers