Thursday, July 16, 2009


Oh sweet relief. Guru is so swamped with other meetings/grants/etc. that I am spared the usual Friday torture.

Today when my undergrad wanted me to tell him-excuse me, 'remind' him-how to do the super simple procedure (which he had done more than once), I responded with a polite version of 'You should know how the hell to do this.' I think it probably pissed him off, but I'm kind of feeling that 'I ain't yo' mama' attitude. I'm done with coddling-and I'm quite pleased with myself.

Thanks to a colleague, I learned the solution to an access to resources problem I encountered this week. The problem was caused by a big pile of bureaucratic crap, but at least I now know the problem and the solution.

I am finally (mostly) recovered from my summer cold. And looking forward to another jam-packed, busy ass week next week.