Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The price of a shiny, newly-renovated lab space

Everyone in my lab is quite excited to be moving to our new lab space for numerous reasons:
  • Currently we have small windows that border the top meter of the lab. We will be trading these in for windows that take up half the wall.
  • Even though we're not moving far, we're moving out of the ghetto. Trust me, it's not particularly comforting to leave work at 7 pm and see a 200-lb. cop running up the street to the building next door.
  • We will not be so isolated (at least in theory) as we will be sharing space with other labs and will now be on the same campus as the rest of our department.
  • We get drawers and cabinets that don't have to be yanked open and wedged shut.

Of course, such 'amenities' come at a cost. There is the monetary price tag (which I don't know), but there are also other costs:
  • More training
  • Two weeks of zero lab productivity for packing, unpacking, and reorganizing
  • Another month trying to figure out where everything has been relocated
  • Less storage space
  • For some members, delayed onset muscle soreness (owing to lifting, twisting, and stretching whilst packing and cleaning)
  • For one member, stitches (thanks to the piece of glassware that shattered in his hand)
  • For myself, exacerbated respiratory issues (from stirring up ten years of accumulated dust--and who really knows what exactly lab dust consists of?)
Oh, the joys of moving...