Saturday, August 29, 2009

At last

Being married brings much joy and stress to one's life-especially when you're both trying to build your careers from the ground.

I've mentioned before that Paramed has a pretty crazy job that he just doesn't love. He's told me that when he became a medic, he never planned on stopping there. He always wanted something more, but for the first 5+ years of our marriage, my career (I freely admit) has taken center stage. One reason we chose to head North for my postdoc was the abundance of colleges in the area. Our plan: Paramed finishes his B.S. (building on prereqs he took at community college while I was in grad school) while I do my postdoc.

This plan has been a source of tension and stress for quite some time now. The stress had nothing to do with the plan itself but rather its execution--specifically how the hell to pay for it and how Paramed was going to continue working full-time while going to school full-time. It's created quite the emotional rollercoaster for months.

And then everything fell into place at the very last minute.

Paramed attended orientation at his first pick school yesterday and scheduled classes (which start next week). And he was ridiculously happy and excited last night. I would put this on par with a researcher getting his/her first grant. Or PhysioProf with a glass of Jameson watching his beloved Yankees slaughter the Red Sox. Paramed was the happiest he has ever been since we moved to the Northland. Actually it was the happiest I have seen him in years, maybe ever. Which made me ridiculously happy.

We're both finally doing what we set out to do. Life in our household is going to be wicked busy over the next few years, but I say, Bring it on.
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