Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alive-at least for today

Has it really been 2 weeks since a last posted? Did I get caught in a time warp?

Oh how I have missed blogging--both the reading and the writing portions. Unfortunately many evenings I've been completely wiped out from pure exhaustion, migraines, respiratory issues or some combination of the three. The other evenings I have either been sick of looking at a computer screen or busy. To be honest, I should be working on other things right now, but I don't have the patience or brain power to do anything serious. I have accumulated many unrelated--and possibly some incoherent--thoughts, which I have decided to share in traditional RBOC style. Deal with it.
  • We gave up our HD cable and DVR today. At least I get to keep a few of my guilty TV pleasures with basic.
  • I have arrived at the conclusion that Paramed either works for (a) power-tripping dickheads or (b) incompetent assholes.
  • Starting experiments after a move kind of sucks. Because (a) you don't know where anything is, (b) there is little to no logic in the initial unpacking, (c) many things are out because we didn't want to order them just before the move, and (d) it always takes time to get momentum going.
  • There are definitely some upshots to moving: I can see a tree from my window. I've already met more people. I have access to more equipment.
  • My engagement ring was stolen after I mistakenly left it somewhere I shouldn't have. At least they left my wedding band. Fortunately (?) I freaked out more than Paramed.
  • I cringe every time I get an email from Bear these days because it is inevitably about a manuscript. I have my Ph.D. I am so ready to be done with grad school.
  • I had a great time catching up with a former colleague from grad school, talking science, family, and utter gossip.
  • You know how you reach those points where things are so crazy that you say, "If I can get through the next week/month/year, things should calm down." Does that ever actually happen?


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I'm sorry about the engagement ring. I'd freak out, too. And, no, it doesn't seem to ever calm down. At least not noticeably so.

Genomic Repairman said...

That sucks about the ring. How come PI's are worse than clingy significant others and become distraught with the mere thought of just letting you go. What happened to the whole if you love something set it free. Well it really doesn't work for trainess, you set us free and good luck trying to get our name out of your mouth before we're out the building with all of our shit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your ring :(
I'm not sure things ever calm down, but I hope they at least become a little more manageable.

Genomic Repairman - I love your comment, I relate wholeheartedly. As the labmember who takes care of most details/keeping the group running my fear is that I'll never be set free :)

Comrade PhysioProf said...


biochem belle said...

Hi, y'all!
Thanks for the "condolences" on the ring.

And I think you're right... it never really does calm down. The irony is that I fantasize about everything slowing down, but the truth of the matter is I'm happier when there's too much to do than not enough.