Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(Not quite) seven months of Biochem Belle

DrugMonkey has issued a call for the Twelve Months of Blogging. Since I just joined this community in June, mine is 7. Without further adieu:
  • June: The why first. I have decided, at last, to add my voice to the (female) scientist blogosphere.
  • July: I don't recall ever having a formal discussion on this topic in graduate school, but I thought I had a reasonable idea of who should be listed as authors on a manuscript...
  • August: A few days ago I was thinking about my lack of productivity this week, largely attributable to attending cool science talks but also failed controls in experiments and meetings with Guru and collaborators (why the hell can't a meeting take less than 2 hrs in this friggin' place?).
  • September: Has it really been 2 weeks since a last posted?
  • October: The editorial in the current issue of Cell outlines new guidelines for supplemental materials for Cell Press publications.
  • November: Today marks the one year 'anniversary' of my dissertation defense.
  • December: ... in which I pull my head out of the sand and out of my ass.
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Anonymous said...

Love this. May give it a whirl. But yours rocks!

biochem belle said...

Thanks, Ink! Glad you liked it. You should definitely do one! It's pretty quick and is great at giving a flavor of the blog.

Silver Fox said...

I saw your year-end meme before anyone else's, because of twitter! Great start to blogging.

biochem belle said...

Thanks, Silver Fox, and welcome! I really enjoyed your photographic year-end meme.