Saturday, September 26, 2009

You must bring us a shrubbery!

Hello again, blogophytes.

You may have noted that my posts are more sporadic these days than they were a few months ago. Life is keeping me busy, and of late, I seem to only find enough time to write on the weekends.

I'm even working tonight. I have the dubious duty of writing (my first) protocol amendment. Do not mistake me--I understand the purpose and the importance of IACUC protocols and amendments. But some things seem so repetitive. I'm asked to specify changes and how it improves the project. Then I'm asked to provide the reason and justification for the changes. Then I'm asked to detail the changes. Subsequently, for certain categories of changes, I am again asked to specify and justify. And (almost) finally, a shrubbery--or in this case, flowchart.

Why do I have the feeling that after submitting the paperwork I will be asked to cut down a tree with a haddock?